Sunday, April 30, 2006

Playing with Photobooth

We're hiding!

Title: Insane man
(And he doesn't know I posted this . . . hee hee)

Summer is coming

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Re Gallery of Art, otherwise known as Mandy's house

Relaying a HALARIOUS story.

So my dear friend Mandy, just received a bunch of photos from me that I took
of her daughter while at the Easter party a week or so ago. She was talking
with her boyfriend Jamie about getting them framed, and he made a comment:
"Great, another picture by Re".

This is totally hilarious to me. If you want to see a record of all the art
I have created, since college, go to Mandy's house. I first met her when I
was 18? 19? in college. She was my crazy boyfriend's brother's crazy
girlfriend who moved in with us, a true "Your-girlfriend-can-move-in,
so-MY-girlfriend-is moving-in-too" situation. Well, she has been my closest
friend ever since, and somehow has ended up with every piece of art,
(sculpture, collage, photographs, paintings, gibbildy stuff) I ever made or
threw out since. I guess I have a habit of giving stuff away, or she has a
habit of going through my trash?

Mandy is quite artistic herself, although she doesn't do much about it (as
far as I am concerned, my dear). She did take some wonderful photos that I
never want to see, but do just for curiosities sake, for her friend "Madam
M", that were 'boudoir' shots. (Naked in a back alley, if I remember
correctly), that were given to Madam M's boyfriend, I think. (I hope?).

One shot was particularly good, and Mandy tells me she always wanted to
frame it. Jamie was saying it was bad enough that Re's face is everywhere,
but to have to look at a naked Madam M every morning is just too much. HA!
poor man!

I am going to have to photograph her house, then and post it.

From the past

I just have to post this picture again. I came across it in my flickr photos, and it still makes me smile. My little girl
searching for hermit crabs and starfish in Fanny Bay, Ships Point beach,
with Re-run, the neighbourhood dog that adopted us. I think this is also the
first trip that Claude met some of my family, other than my parents. They
get on so well, in fact, within five minutes of our arrival at my parents
island cabin, he had on his overalls and Claude, Dad and Grandpa were in the
crawl space doing the plumbing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drew and her best friend dress up in dishclothes. I was cleaning the townhouse before it was evacuated (I let my lease go), and it was the only dress up clothes left. This girl and drew have practically grown up together. I moved into the west end home at 7 months. Drews first friend was Mariko, and her brother Mason. Her parents were the best neighbours,
and we will miss them.

I just spent easter with my friend mandy. I actually had a huge long weekend, but easter dinner at FTB's moms didn't feel like easter. those dinners always feel rushed, directed, and forced. FTB's mom and I have yet to 'bond'. thats another story. anyway, monday, the last day, I took my daughter to a kids easter party at the Muttart Conservatory, with my friend Mandy and her little girl, and another mom and her kids. there was a petting zoo, childrens music, face painting, etc. spending time with my daughter and good friend, that was easter.

A mountain of sod thats about to grow

We have been so lucky, that my parents have come to visit, and work. We put them to ripping up all the sod to make room for my garden, but they had their own plans as well - making room in our back yard for their bus. And the parking lot is officially started, and it wasn't even by Claude. By the time we are done, somewhere here on our lot will be a quad, skidoo, skidoo trailor, our holiday trailor, the red car, the black car, the silverado, the show truck. But Its growing season, and I don't care as long as I get my garden in, and there are no vehicles in it.

As the sod pile grows, so does my garden area. There is alot more to do. and, I have to say, my parents ROCK. Thanks to them for all the hard work. Now, if I can keep them happy, they'll stay longer and help with more stuff.

Claude is still working on the garage (insulating it first), and I'll post pictures soon.

This past March

March was the month of surprize snow. Snow day, was the never-ending snow day, of snow falling from the previous night (two times shoveling), to the full day afterward. It was as deep as my knees. After a winter of being relatively snow free, Mother nature dropped it all at once. Poor Claude had to go three times that day to his mothers to shovel her walks, as well as her business too.

The problem with Alberta snow, is that its dry, and you can't even form a
snowball with it, let alone build anything. I am so used to BC snow, that
packs, and forms objects effortlessly.But, after a few days of warm, it
melted a bit and resulted in a great snow man, and snow dog. Drew got her
snow man, (and snowdog). Days later he melted, the weather began to get
warmer, and his head fell off.

After our snow man building adventure (and did I mention snow dog - a Husky
to be exact?), we decided on a snow fort for Drew. This led to 'this would
make a nice outdoor living room' which led to 'hey, lets make a big bench
for the Dads 50th bday party so people can sit around the fire pit'. They
were a masterpiece, of our own attempt at ice castle absulut vodka northern
ice livingroomness. But, as luck would have it, by the time the next weekend
hit with the party, It totally all melted.

We live in a rainbow house

This our first home.

We bought in December (possesion of December 23 - it was insane). We were
lucky, in long story made short, that I could keep my townhouse until this
April. That resulted in January and February having mass renovations done to
get the house ready, but, we didn't have to live there while we did them.
Claude ripped out two walls, repainted the ceilings, ripped out horrible
floor tiles, layers of lino, and with my parents help, we tiled the whole
house floor but the bedrooms.(and so on, and so on.)

I love out tile floor, its like living in a villa, and after living in a 3
floor fully carpeted rental, this is so easy to look after. I really hate
vacuuming, so this is a dream.

The whole house was painted, and everyone who walks in for the first time
has a stunned look on their face, like they are trying not to say anything
bad or show their real reaction. The colours look exotic, and have even more
exotic names: Lyons Red coloured living room, Jalepeno green kitchen, Olive
hallway, Bohemian blue childs room, nacho cheese in the spare room, and
PASSION PLUM for our bedroom. Can you tell we are tired of 'rental white?'

The colours were painted for ourselves, and make us happy. But the reactions
are great, I want to start an album of the peoples expressions. At a party
we recently had, I was very surprized that many different people came up to
us and complimented us, that it actually looked quite classy.

But, we have taken 'a house' and made it 'our home.' Its such a nice feeling
to come home to something so familiar, even thought its new, because you
created it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This morning Drew asked me to repeat the song "Daughters" by John mayor on the car stereo on the way to work. She listened with a very concentrated face, quietly through the song.

Afterward, I asked her if she had liked the song. Then she told me "yes, but you have to be good to me, that man says so, so I can be like you. and mom, he sings better than you."

Little adults and scrubbing the floors

Tuesday I got on a cleaning spree, as my parents are coming back from Jasper. I swept the floor, and Drew wanted to help mop. She thought that scrubbing the floor was better than chocolate. So I gave her a scrubpad,and had her spot clean areas then I mopped. Well, she took on the house in a way that would put Martha Stewart to shame. I can see why people have children now. They do chores and help you clean. This was the first time
my child, although cherished and loved, was now also useful. The pair of use cleaned that floor, (which a day later was dirty again, but less so).
I never thought a bonding experience could be over cleaning a floor, and I didn't once feel like an evil stepmother, forcing my child to scrub scrub scrub. Not only did she do a good job, but afterward, she sat down and said, "Mom, we did a good job. lets have some ice cream."

We have had such nice, sunny warm weather. well, warm in the late afternoon. its like summer, and I had all the doors, and any able window open. Claude, after watching us in amusement, (or was that in irritation for interupting his news?), decided to get on the ottoman and turn the fan so it rotates in a different direction, supposedly to circulate cool air for the spring, instead of warm air for the winter. Only, he forgot to dust first. Us ladies walked into the living room to see the fan swirling in a new direction, and a rain of large, grey dust bunnies flying all over
our living room, completely COVERING the whole floor Drew had just scrubbed. it was raining grey dust matter, like the aftermath of an explosion. Drew just looked at Claude and says "Daddy, you made the mess . . . YOU get to clean it." and walked away. Such the little adult she has become, I am so proud.

The stars

Last night before bed: "Mommy, you know how much I love you? you know how many stars there are? like that."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More sewing . . . a dress this time

I am on a sewing spree, and finished my first dress ever (ish).

Gypsy skirt

$6 fabric from walmart predone with an elastic, ten minutes on a sewing machine, and one side seam later.

I am ready for summer, but where is it?

First fashion crisis

At age four, Drew has her first fashion crisis. she stormed into my room in the morning, demanding to get a new pair of pants. You see, none of the pants she had were short enough to show off the My Little Ponies on her socks. What you can't see here, is the fact that the back of the socks have psychotic smiling little pony heads protruding out the back of the ankle. When she walks away, these pony heads flop and stare after you. I find them creepy, but to her, they are like owning Versace or Louis Vuitton.

anyhow, my ingenious darling solved her problem, (after literally, dragging all her pants from her dresser drawer into MY BEDROOM), by rolling up the cuffs. My little girly girl. They were also the first pair she tried on.

march brings the circus

March brought the Shrine Circus to town. Drew, Claude and I (Re), went to Rexall place to see the circus, meeting our old neighbour Dave and his children, one of which is Drews best friend, Mariko. During the intermission, the kids could get in line to ride ponies, elephants or go down the large jumping slides. (Drew picked the elephant). After waiting in line ALL INTERMISSION, these patient kids got on, last elephant to go. 11 small children were crammed onto its back. Drew was so thrilled. IT POOPED. the ride was cut short by its long, extravagent, dump, in the middle of the circus floor. It couldnt' have gotten any more exciting than that!

Two and one is three

Reanna and Drew, and now Claude have officially bought their first house together, as a family.
There is no ring or wedding planned yet.