Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drew and her best friend dress up in dishclothes. I was cleaning the townhouse before it was evacuated (I let my lease go), and it was the only dress up clothes left. This girl and drew have practically grown up together. I moved into the west end home at 7 months. Drews first friend was Mariko, and her brother Mason. Her parents were the best neighbours,
and we will miss them.

I just spent easter with my friend mandy. I actually had a huge long weekend, but easter dinner at FTB's moms didn't feel like easter. those dinners always feel rushed, directed, and forced. FTB's mom and I have yet to 'bond'. thats another story. anyway, monday, the last day, I took my daughter to a kids easter party at the Muttart Conservatory, with my friend Mandy and her little girl, and another mom and her kids. there was a petting zoo, childrens music, face painting, etc. spending time with my daughter and good friend, that was easter.


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