Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Little adults and scrubbing the floors

Tuesday I got on a cleaning spree, as my parents are coming back from Jasper. I swept the floor, and Drew wanted to help mop. She thought that scrubbing the floor was better than chocolate. So I gave her a scrubpad,and had her spot clean areas then I mopped. Well, she took on the house in a way that would put Martha Stewart to shame. I can see why people have children now. They do chores and help you clean. This was the first time
my child, although cherished and loved, was now also useful. The pair of use cleaned that floor, (which a day later was dirty again, but less so).
I never thought a bonding experience could be over cleaning a floor, and I didn't once feel like an evil stepmother, forcing my child to scrub scrub scrub. Not only did she do a good job, but afterward, she sat down and said, "Mom, we did a good job. lets have some ice cream."

We have had such nice, sunny warm weather. well, warm in the late afternoon. its like summer, and I had all the doors, and any able window open. Claude, after watching us in amusement, (or was that in irritation for interupting his news?), decided to get on the ottoman and turn the fan so it rotates in a different direction, supposedly to circulate cool air for the spring, instead of warm air for the winter. Only, he forgot to dust first. Us ladies walked into the living room to see the fan swirling in a new direction, and a rain of large, grey dust bunnies flying all over
our living room, completely COVERING the whole floor Drew had just scrubbed. it was raining grey dust matter, like the aftermath of an explosion. Drew just looked at Claude and says "Daddy, you made the mess . . . YOU get to clean it." and walked away. Such the little adult she has become, I am so proud.


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