Thursday, April 27, 2006

A mountain of sod thats about to grow

We have been so lucky, that my parents have come to visit, and work. We put them to ripping up all the sod to make room for my garden, but they had their own plans as well - making room in our back yard for their bus. And the parking lot is officially started, and it wasn't even by Claude. By the time we are done, somewhere here on our lot will be a quad, skidoo, skidoo trailor, our holiday trailor, the red car, the black car, the silverado, the show truck. But Its growing season, and I don't care as long as I get my garden in, and there are no vehicles in it.

As the sod pile grows, so does my garden area. There is alot more to do. and, I have to say, my parents ROCK. Thanks to them for all the hard work. Now, if I can keep them happy, they'll stay longer and help with more stuff.

Claude is still working on the garage (insulating it first), and I'll post pictures soon.


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