Friday, April 28, 2006

The Re Gallery of Art, otherwise known as Mandy's house

Relaying a HALARIOUS story.

So my dear friend Mandy, just received a bunch of photos from me that I took
of her daughter while at the Easter party a week or so ago. She was talking
with her boyfriend Jamie about getting them framed, and he made a comment:
"Great, another picture by Re".

This is totally hilarious to me. If you want to see a record of all the art
I have created, since college, go to Mandy's house. I first met her when I
was 18? 19? in college. She was my crazy boyfriend's brother's crazy
girlfriend who moved in with us, a true "Your-girlfriend-can-move-in,
so-MY-girlfriend-is moving-in-too" situation. Well, she has been my closest
friend ever since, and somehow has ended up with every piece of art,
(sculpture, collage, photographs, paintings, gibbildy stuff) I ever made or
threw out since. I guess I have a habit of giving stuff away, or she has a
habit of going through my trash?

Mandy is quite artistic herself, although she doesn't do much about it (as
far as I am concerned, my dear). She did take some wonderful photos that I
never want to see, but do just for curiosities sake, for her friend "Madam
M", that were 'boudoir' shots. (Naked in a back alley, if I remember
correctly), that were given to Madam M's boyfriend, I think. (I hope?).

One shot was particularly good, and Mandy tells me she always wanted to
frame it. Jamie was saying it was bad enough that Re's face is everywhere,
but to have to look at a naked Madam M every morning is just too much. HA!
poor man!

I am going to have to photograph her house, then and post it.


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