Thursday, April 27, 2006

This past March

March was the month of surprize snow. Snow day, was the never-ending snow day, of snow falling from the previous night (two times shoveling), to the full day afterward. It was as deep as my knees. After a winter of being relatively snow free, Mother nature dropped it all at once. Poor Claude had to go three times that day to his mothers to shovel her walks, as well as her business too.

The problem with Alberta snow, is that its dry, and you can't even form a
snowball with it, let alone build anything. I am so used to BC snow, that
packs, and forms objects effortlessly.But, after a few days of warm, it
melted a bit and resulted in a great snow man, and snow dog. Drew got her
snow man, (and snowdog). Days later he melted, the weather began to get
warmer, and his head fell off.

After our snow man building adventure (and did I mention snow dog - a Husky
to be exact?), we decided on a snow fort for Drew. This led to 'this would
make a nice outdoor living room' which led to 'hey, lets make a big bench
for the Dads 50th bday party so people can sit around the fire pit'. They
were a masterpiece, of our own attempt at ice castle absulut vodka northern
ice livingroomness. But, as luck would have it, by the time the next weekend
hit with the party, It totally all melted.


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