Thursday, April 27, 2006

We live in a rainbow house

This our first home.

We bought in December (possesion of December 23 - it was insane). We were
lucky, in long story made short, that I could keep my townhouse until this
April. That resulted in January and February having mass renovations done to
get the house ready, but, we didn't have to live there while we did them.
Claude ripped out two walls, repainted the ceilings, ripped out horrible
floor tiles, layers of lino, and with my parents help, we tiled the whole
house floor but the bedrooms.(and so on, and so on.)

I love out tile floor, its like living in a villa, and after living in a 3
floor fully carpeted rental, this is so easy to look after. I really hate
vacuuming, so this is a dream.

The whole house was painted, and everyone who walks in for the first time
has a stunned look on their face, like they are trying not to say anything
bad or show their real reaction. The colours look exotic, and have even more
exotic names: Lyons Red coloured living room, Jalepeno green kitchen, Olive
hallway, Bohemian blue childs room, nacho cheese in the spare room, and
PASSION PLUM for our bedroom. Can you tell we are tired of 'rental white?'

The colours were painted for ourselves, and make us happy. But the reactions
are great, I want to start an album of the peoples expressions. At a party
we recently had, I was very surprized that many different people came up to
us and complimented us, that it actually looked quite classy.

But, we have taken 'a house' and made it 'our home.' Its such a nice feeling
to come home to something so familiar, even thought its new, because you
created it.


Anonymous OneHotVintage said...

I was prepared because I saw pictures before I visited, but hey, I love your rainbow house! I think it has character, and is very "cozy" and it does look classy! You guys have done a great job and should be very proud of your home! :) :) :)


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