Monday, May 08, 2006

Ashes for eyeballs and will they blow away?

Last night Drew was having her monthly bath (just kidding, its three times a
week, because she isn't one of those 'smelly people'). (meaning like Claude
- ha ha). Claude had helped wash her hair, and at one point I guess he told
her that she could play for a while, but to be careful with the soap,
because if it got in her eyes, they would burn. The adults, (me, Claude, and
my visiting parents who pretty much live here as their third home), were
watching the 'Family Stone' in the living room.

All of a sudden, she started shrieking, so of course, I went running in a
panic to the bathroom.

She was out of the tub, and hopping up and down holding her eyes with a
towel, yelling that she had got soap in them, and crying. I got my contact
solution and washed them out for her, and while doing so, she asked me if
her eyes would grow back.

Um, Eyes grow back?!? Thinking that the soap blinded her, I asked if she
could see at all. She told me she could, but Claude had told her that her
eyes would burn out, if soap got in them, and she really really really
wanted to have some eyes and not ashes like in our fire pit because then

That led to having to drag Claude in and make him stop laughing in time to
explain to her, without hurting her feelings, what he really meant. (and get
my parents not to laugh so loud from the living room).

Four year olds have such an interesting view on life. Drew may take things
too literally, and have a limited understanding on life, but she is a smart
cookie to think of the implications that having ashes for eyeballs might


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