Monday, May 29, 2006

BIG NEWS about little things

So, today was THE DAY. Its about 8:30 a.m. and already I have had more
excitment than I can handle.

Claude and I barely slept last night. I don't know about him, but I got a
midnight phone call (that I missed because I was so busy stressing out
trying to sleep), that woke me up, and then I woke on my own about 1, 2 and
4 a.m. I woke up in a absolute panic from dreaming that Drew was wandering
lost in her new school and tried to walk home on her own, and was in the
back yard crying for hours before I got there. I had that dream three times.
Add in Claude snoring like a lawnmower, and tossing and turning, and I feel
like I pulled an all nighter, without the party.

First, It was Drews first day at her new daycare/afterschool care. She was
practically vibrating at the kitchen table eating breakfast. I made her her
favorate pancakes (with sprinkles), and she ate all of them faster than
anything I had ever seen before. She had already picked out her clothes, and
was ready by 6:50 - a new world record. Normally, I have to push her out the
door after seven. Gannie (her grandmother, my mother) came with us to see
the school, and introduce herself so she could pick up Drew early on days
she is visiting.

Drew was absolutely great about the whole thing, she got the tour of the
room, where her 'hook' was for her coat and bag, where her lunch goes, and
her outdoor shoes. It was pretty cute. There was a moment where we had
arrived a bit early, and the two seconds before the janiter unlocked the
door, I thought she was going to explode with tears. But he unlocked the
door, and in we went to her new world for the next few years.

I was a bit upset myself and almost vommited on the floor when the Daycare
lady told me she was supposed to tell me Drew couldn't start until July.
(except she forgot). There, while I was standing in the daycare Monday
morning, dropping her off to start her first day, after I talked to her
FRIDAY and every week for two months. After I pulled her out of her
practically perfect daycare she has been at since she was 11 months old. She
tells me NOW she shouldn't start until JULY. That the kids don't get out and
start full-day daycare until end of June, and she would be the only one, and
it was against regulation. I vommited, on the floor right then, almost.

I origionally wanted her to start May, when we moved, but she told me to
wait until June. In fact, she had specificially told me June was good to
start, and I convinced her to start May 29, so Drew could have a full week,
and not a half week at one daycare, half at another. So, she agreed that she
could go to this new school, she wouldn't turn us away (thank god), but I
couldn't run out and tell the kids she wasn't in kindergarten yet for a
month. (like that is my goal, eh?). I got the distinct impression this woman
was extremely unorganized, and a bit wishy-washy, but good with kids. I did
leave the school feeling bit less nervous, after she said it wouldn't be a
problem. But I wonder about the future.

Drew barely said goodbye to me (a good thing), she was too busy with her new
bathroom Buddy, a little blond girl. I am hoping this new crowd of older
kids, who can go the bathroom practically when ever they want on their own,
will teach her an independance that her past daycare discouraged. An end of
the 'daytime' accidents that she had, because she wasn't given free access
to the three toilets that twenty five boys and girls shared, and teachers
didn't always take her too in time, and that had line ups to use them. I am
hoping that having an all girls bathroom, without line ups, and alot of big
kids as example, will help her.

So overall, I am hopeful, and proud of my kids ability to be so excited of a
new school and friends, and not regretful of the old daycare (yet).

Now, secondly, I arrive at work today to find an email that the puppies are
born! I had put a deposit to get a male Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, and they
finally were born! So, we will get our pup 'Copper' sometime this July.


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