Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daycare and lunchbags

The new adventures in having a new daycare are still rough ones. First of
all, the poor lady ( who runs it), her husband just had a triple (or double
) bypass, and was sent home early, so she is having personal problems with
nurses not arriving on time, as well as other issues. Now that I knwo whats
going on, I feel awful for her, what a horrible thing to go through. Because
I have the advantage of my parents staying with me for a few more days, I
offered to have them watch her during the three hour period that the other
children, all but Drew, are in classes. This way she can run out to check
with her husband.

Its day three, and today I heard from my mother that the lady was late
showing up this afternoon, and had to send in a replacement worker who was
also lat
I am sure that in time, things will settle (I hope), and we will come to
know her, and like her, as I have the daycare and its teachers. Right now I
just want to pull out my hair and scream.


All this has done is make me REALLY APPRECIATE the last daycare we had, and
the small ratios that our government imposes on the businesses of children
to adults for that childrens age group. That means there is always extra
staff at hand.

And here is this new daycare, with one sole owner/employee and two part time
assistants in the afternoon. I have yet to find out what happens when she is
sick. But, as many people love dayhomes, this is the exact reason I avoided
them. In a daycare, when a teacher is sick, there are replacements. What
happens when the dayhome lady who looks after my child is sick? I have to
take time off work, which really irks me, because although I love time off
work, I prefer to save it for when my child or I am sick, not someone else.

I called to check in with My mother and Drew today, and to my surprize Drew
got onto the phone.
"Mama, I need a new lunch bag. Apparently I have problems opening the
zipper, it sticks. But, I can use it today though. But a new one tomorrow is
good." Never take your four year old near a mall, because no matter how
fancy of a lunch bag you buy her, she will always see something five minutes
later and want it more, and never forget that she wanted it. This is the
third attempt to get the 'barbie' lunch bag, the one we saw after it took
her HALF AN HOUR to pick out the much wanted Dora lunch bag. Such a little


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