Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Garden renovations continued . . .

Rainy spring is here. I won't say the "S" word, but I am sure if it were colder, it would be "S-ing" out. When waking up to weather like this, I remind myself that I am from BC and rain is nothihng. Then I walk outside and I say "CRAP! Its cold!" and remember that on the mainland, it rained, but with this temperature it would have been a winter rain, not spring rain! I am done with winter, and want that sun back. But at least the plants will benefit, if I dont.

The back yard has changed again. I came home to find my firepit moved, and my raised garden borders put in. (wahoo!). Thank you Dad.

This is the front yard, the east half. Thats ALOT of digging, and the picture doesn't do it justice.


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