Monday, May 01, 2006

Gardens and haircuts

This weekend was the weekend of The Garden. I capitalized it, to show its
importance. This is what I have been looking forward to, to get the plants
in, which I didn't even accomplish at all. Instead, with much labour, Mom
and I de-sodded (Is that a word?) half of the front yard, changing its
design twice as we went.

My front yard is divided unevenly in half, by a cement walk to the front
door. The large side, we cut and hauled away sod, and resodded over a dinky
little garden plot, so I have one half of a nice "S" curve shaped garden.
The plan is to have it running horizontally across the yard, so its a long
thick section between the gravel lining the house, and the grass. But by
dinner time Sunday, a bath and finishing laundry seemed the better choice
than moving a prickly rose bush at 7pm. Its grey and gloomy out today, I am
hoping for a bit of rain to soften up the other side of the yard, before we
hack into that this week.

But, I have learned to use the shovel properly, (apparently I wasn't, but it
is MUCH easier now) and now actually get some work done.

Drew was so worn out from Saturday, that she spent the day Sunday watching
cartoons, and playing quietly in her room. Saturday, I had taken her
shopping to chauffeur and pick up stuff for my mom (AKA: Gannie to Drew),
and finally go photograph Shelley's business. I had promised Shelley I would
do it on a Saturday when It was sunny, and it was Saturday, and sunny. I
have alot to do these next few weeks, and wanted to get it over with. She
has a hairdressing school, so Drew got her hair cut while I took photos of
anything I could, to later use on a website I am supposed to make for her.
Now I can say I did it, and not have to go back in a LONG TIME.

Drew, who was happy once her hair was cut, wasn't in the best mood that day,
and poor thing was in tears getting her hair chopped. It was either the fact
she wore two shirts and a sweater plus the hair dressers bib that made her
overheated and queasy, or the fact that lunch wasn't soon enough, or the
fact that she had sucked on her hair and it was all tangly and Shelley was
having a hard time getting the knots out without pulling her hair. But after
seeing her start to cry, I said that's enough, and stopped Shelley before
she started on a French braid and made the child scream. Drew hates having
her hair fussed with, and prefers to run wild. A trim is one thing, but
anything more complicated, other than the occasional pony tail or low braid,
she'll rebel and run away, and HATES having her hair brushed, and will only
sit through a comb. You can use any kind of conditioner you want, $45 an
ounce or 99 cents a bottle, and it still tangles if you use a brush. She
just has alot of thick hair, and I am proud of it. If that means we have to
use a comb until she can deal with a brush, that's okay with me.

As we walked out the salon, and buckled her in the car, she kept grabbing
her hair, then, turned to me and said "I am glad I have some hair left, I
think it got brushed all away and I was balded. Gannie, can we have some
lunch?" Aparently she was better now.


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