Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The last week at school

This is Drews last week of school. Next Monday, she starts her new
"Before/After school care" program, which actually is right inside the same
building she is starting Kindergarten in this fall. This is a big relief for
me, not only does it eliminate the need for her to take the bus (which she
is actually upset about, she wanted to ride a bus), and sooth my fear of her
being abducted enroute to and from school, it also solves the problem of me
getting out of downtown earlier.
Having her daycare downtown, near my office, was great, except it put me
right into heavy traffic, and hopefully I can now sneak by it. In a strange
way I wish I could abandone my monthly parking stall fees, and take the bus,
if only because I would get to walk Drew to school, and catch the bus next
to it. That way even though I had to go to work afterward, for that fifteen
minutes every morning that I had to get up even earlier to walk with her,
hand in hand and deliver her safely to school, I would get to feel like a
stay-at-home Mom, feel like I was making up fro all the time I have missed,
and get a few more minutes with my daughter that day.


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