Monday, May 08, 2006

Not your average fairy tales- and here is where I review a book and highly reccomend it

My good friend Kristin got this book for Drew a few years ago (yes Kristin, its been a while, and you ARE getting older). I want to add this in that its seen the most bedtime readings of all our books so far, even over Robert Munsch. Written by Nicola Baxter, I am having issues finding more of her stuff online to order. (if anyone can point me to a link, I would be grateful). Not only do the princesses have some dignity and spend absolutely no time waiting for some dude to sweep them off their feet, some of them actually spend time on how to knock him off instead, or their own families as well. They stick frogs in their socks to scare away men, have huge unprincess-like noses, or run away with the dragon instead. Great stuff, and much more entertaining than a story of some girl letting herself be pushed around.


Anonymous OneHotVintage said...

For the record, it has only been TOPS two years, and I am not getting that old, but thank you for rubbing it in.

Speaking of getting old, who is turning 29 tomorrow, huh? NOT ME THAT'S FOR DAMN SURE. :)


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