Thursday, May 25, 2006

oops, EdandKellydidit again

My parents are back visiting, and I have to say, I am getting used to having
them around. Its really nice when they leave, but just as nice as when they
arrive. That's saying allot.

I should begin this with the fact that I have a HUGE TRENCH in my back yard,
and two dirt mountains next to it, where Claude has begun to install the gas
line to the garage. I dreamed last week that it rained for thirty days and
on the thirtieth day snakes crawled out. (It was a rather bland dream,
despite the fact it sounds like it was exciting.) Anyhow, the forecast was
for rain all this week, but last night, it cleared up, and I came home to
find Dad and Claude digging again, and they had accidentally cut some wires.
There was a huge rush into the house, to check the phones and internet. All
were working. Just more mysteries of "What IS this?" Luckily, its another
mysterious wire buried in our back yard.

Here is a list of the weird things 'Ed and Kelly' have done. (By the way, I
have heard "edandkellydidit" so often, I am now making it a word.)

Official Edandkellydidit's:

-Hot glued shelf to tile wall in the kitchen (almost had to bust tile to get
it off)
-siliconed suction cups to tile on bathroom walls
-rolled sod over top of bark mulch garden
-cut down an evergreen to the base, rolled sod over it and planted a plum
tree on top of its stump (about 3 inches of growing space)
-painted two windows shut
-installed the cable wires only one inch under the grass throughout the back
yard, with connections branching out that I am sure leads to every house on
the block. So far no one has complained that we removed them. If not, they
can have Shaw Cable install the mess in THEIR back yards.

When I remember the rest, I'll add them in. By the way, its raining, and I
totally miss home (Vancouver area). Here I am cheerfully whistling in the
rain this morning, sans umbrella, and everyone looks miserable, grumbly and
depressed. COME ON PEOPLE! You get weather so cold it can't snow, wind
chills making it minus forty Celsius and your nostrils freezes together in
two seconds, and you complain about RAIN?????

You wimpy rednecks.


Anonymous OHV said...

LOL, you tell em girl!! I'm going down to Van this weekend so I'll take some pics to help with your homesickness! :D


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