Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rock pinching

We were all in the side of the campsite, and heard the people in the site next to us say: "Is there someone digging up the rocks?" Minutes later Claude appeared, quickly hiding his shovel.

I give the man full credit, for when I said it would be nice to have a large rock, he certainly put his back into getting one for me. (Although I love the decoration of the front yard, I did mean the 'sparkly' kind of rock, that comes on a ring . . . . hee hee).

Claude spent much of our camping trip scouting out rocks like a burgler to a house. Friday night I noticed that the truck looked a little lower, and that large boulders were hidden under the tarp in the box. Here is one of the largest of the 'aquisitions'. I can't believe they (Dad and Claude) actually got it into the truck - let alone from the truck into the garden in my back yard! (no broken backs either!)

The neighbour asked what I was doing with them all. I told her I was replicating stonehenge.


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