Sunday, May 07, 2006

So we had to bring in the big guy to get the grass gone.

After much digging, cutting, hacking and back breaking, we got all the sod out but had to get Claude in to rip up the remainder. It was filled with nasty old tree roots (and barch mulch), that the previous owner had just rolled out their sod overtop. the rotting mulch made decent dirt, but the tree roots were like they grew out of hell itself. But, Claude and his 200lbs got done in twenty minutes more than what Mom and I did in 8 hours.
Dratted roots:

and, after all weekend working, here is the end (ish) result:
I am quite proud of the new Sandcherry, and Barberry bush. You can't tell now, but I pretty much replaced all the tree roots with iris bulbs, lilies, and some other stuff that I already lost the labels too.

Oh, and thanks to our one girl Cheer team Drew, who danced around in the sprinkler all day and sang us songs to work by.
"What you say Mama?" "What you say Mama?" "What you say?""What you say?""What you say?"


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