Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Evolution of the backyard- its starting to look like one!

we've had our notice

18 days till the dog comes.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

sharing is good.

She tells me today that even though the Oilers lost, its okay, because we have lots of cups in the cupboard we can share with them.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just another way my daughter may be traumatized for life

This weekend we had our housewarming - unfortunately, the Oilers were
playing their last game before THE last game that night. So, it turned into
a hockey party, and we all ended up in the back yard after the game. Its
funny on how even people who hate sports, will tune into the game to see who
wins the Stanley cup, if its your home town. Drew was super excited, and
jumping and cheering each goal, even though I am sure she has no real
comprehension of the game other than it has sticks, and you pass the puck.
(and I am not much better).

On a closely related topic, Drew has been talking allot about god this past
week. (you'll see how this is related in a bit). Lots of questions, about
how big he is, what he wears, who his mommy is (or hers) and can he see you
pee. (I hope not).

At her school I had cause for concern when I dropped her off and she ran to
her teacher asking if they could pray that day.
Drew attends a regular daycare, not a bible study program, so I immediately
was wondering what was going on. I am in no way against my daughter talking
religion with her teachers, and even would encourage her to talk about what
others believe in other cultures (especially since I am the non-church
attending kind). But what seemed odd, is she was asking to 'practise'
religion, other than discuss it, and it would happen in a daycare where
their could be potentially five or twenty different religions. Wouldn't this
offend or alienate someone?

The teachers face turned beat red, and she rushed to explain, that someone
had printed out a copy of the Lords prayer, but rewrote it as a prayer
towards the Oilers winning the Stanley cup, and the children were getting a
giggle out of hearing it for part of their story time. (ex: "Thy cup be won"
and so on). The kids at the school had been following the hockey game,
colouring hockey pictures and making paper jerseys as well.

But, my little four year old daughter who is SO inquisitive of everything,
doesn't quite understand the fine line between praying for the Oilers to
win, and between praying to God. Some numskull with a wicked sense of humour
had caused this by publishing that darn thing so funny that everyone and
their dog has that prayer tacked to their cubicle, garage wall or fridge.
You could explain all you want, but she just doesn't get it yet. So when the
Oilers scored their goals on Saturday, she hopped up and down with the
finesse of a holy roller, and I am sure the reverence as well. Now, I hope
the Oilers don't loose this last game, so I don't have to explain to her why
god let her down.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Week number three


This is your third week at your new daycare. You have settled into a
routine. I drive you there, you grab your lunch bag and hop out of the car,
and we walk to the door, and go in. You are still learning to skip, and
'hobble-skip' into your room. We 'walk your shoes' (literally, you walk them
like they are alive on the floor and have an invisible body) into the
teachers room and say hi, then hang up your things on your hook. You have
your own hook! Then we put on your indoor shoes, and go put away your lunch.

After that, you make a funny face resembling a fish at me, which is my cue
to give you a kiss. You cling got me like the world is ending, and insist on
walking me to the door. Then as I walk out and look back, I see you run back
to the room like I am forgotten, and you have an exciting day ahead of you,
and I am glad.

When I pick you up, I walk into the room, and the children yell "Drew, your
moms here!" and you look up from your colouring book and run toward me
yelling "Mommy!" then drag me off to your hook to show me all the new
pictures you have made throughout the day.
We go home.

This week, you have lost your second tooth, and walk around with your tongue
poking out through the hole. You tell me you aren't really sticking your
tongue out at me, as your teeth are closed. You are very proud.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Chopsticks at dinner

We have a generally-followed rule in the house for our family. We all (or
just I) sit at the table until Drew has eaten as much as she can eat,
otherwise, if we all leave (as she is a very slow eater) she just stops
eating. (Not that I force her to finish it all, but seriously, the kid has
to eat SOMETHING so she doesn't wake up at 11:00 p.m. hungry).

She was so excited, that she was eating chinese food, and had to show us all
how to eat with chopsticks (no forks allowed). Of course, for her,
chopsticks are used by stabbing and poking her food.

Definition of painful = waiting for a four year old --using chopsticks, with
no experience-- to finish eating her rice. time: 45 minutes.

Explanation on why she took so long: "we had no red tablecloth mom, it makes
you eat faster."


Thursday, June 08, 2006

"If I had an entire weekend to myself I would . . . "

If I had an entire weekend to myself I would . . . .OMG. Does such a thing

I would do everything, then NOTHING at all.


To do everything Saturday:

First, I would get up early early early Saturday, and go for a run.
hopefully, in the rain. I would come back a coffee, and have a hot bath. A
hot bath, for like, an hour, without anyone (including the cat) breaking in
to nag me. Then, I would start (and maybe finish) some of all those half
started projects I have filling up my closets. But it has to be raining for
me to do that, I have a strict rule of only staying inside when the weather

Sewing some tops, kids dresses and pants, repairing some shirts. Then I
would take a long nap mid morning. Then I have two paintings I want to work
on. All the while I would crank some soulful blues music, and drink tea and
wine. When I get going, I think I could get it all done one morning. think
of the empty closet space - heaven!

I think I would eat wraps and salads, because no one in my house will eat
them. with lots of spinach. I would go to bed at 8.

To do nothing Sunday:

I would sleep in, then get up and bake cookies, walk the dog (assuming I
have one by then!!) and then sit and watch movies wearing wonderful smelling
face masks (the spa kind) because there would be no one around to laugh at
me. Get a manicure. Get my haircut.

But I am not going to think about this any more, because then I'll just get
ideas of other projects that I can't finish, and fill the closets up
further, and I already have them overfilled. But realistically, I would
probably love it, until Saturday night, when I would spaz out and wonder
where my baby girl was, what she was doing and was she eating her
vegetables, and, had she lost her tooth yet.

Writing Collaboration: Episode Two

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The toothfairy is coming

The toothfairy is darn talented

After a long day at the childrens festival, We rushed to Canadian tire so I could get oil for the car, and yet MORE PLANTS for my garden. (woo hoo).

Of course, we had to have dinner first, but then I was back out there, trying to fill up the still empty spaces that is supposed to be my front garden/personal muttart conservatory. Its taking a little while, not from lack of enthusiasim, but paycheques.

Drew was my little gardeners helper, complete with matching gloves. She comes running into the house (where I was hydrating with a glass of wine to get inspiration), and screams; "My tooth fell out!"

So, it starts. She has another loose one, and the top two are almost as loose. I am sure she will be just like she was as a baby when she got all her teeth by age one, and loose all these teeth by age five. (well, maybe not so quick, I HOPE, because she turns five this august.) She also has her first adult tooth growing in behind the next tooth to go.

So last night, we put the tooth in a little envelope, under her pillow for the mysterious toothfairy to receive. But not before she proceded to tell us that Mikayla, her friend, got PRESENTS AND MONEY in exchange for her tooth. right. Well, I told her that the tooth fairy might also shop at the dollar store. (okay, no, I didn't, but I WANTED TO).
Instead, I told her that the toothfairy might be a different one than the one that comes to our neighbourhood, and who knows what she'll get.

Remember when you used to get a quarter for a tooth????? What did my parents get, a penny? My grandparents must have gotten coal. Wow, talk about changing times.

And how can you top presents? I am learning that out-dooing other parents is a nasty game , that is better not played. I say don't out-do them, out-wit them.

So, when Drew woke up this morning, she came running into our room to show us her five dollar bill, folded into the shape of a fish.

"YEAH, its a fish! the toothfairy left me a fish!" she yells. Now she can buy her own toy, (with her savings as well), and the toothfairy in our neighbourhood is much cooler than that other one, because SHE can do origami.

Rise and Shine!

We visited my parents good friends. Anne and Phil, and their lovely house and property, and was treated to a wonderful dinner. (Man, can they cook). Anne generously gave us this toaster for Drew, which has become the new favorate breakfast.

Not only does the toaster sing the Winnie the Pooh song when it pops, but it toasts an image of Winnies face on one of the toast, and Tiggers face on the second toast! This is clearly the most supperior of breakfasts, and I learned very fast that you must only butter the side of the toast without the bear, "Or he growls", says Drew.

I asked her, "what happens If I butter tiggers face too?" "He jumps on your toes Mama, and gets them all buttery."

Of course.

Friday, June 02, 2006

See ya mama!

I dropped Drew off at school this morning, and for the first time, she
insisted on seeing me to the door to say goodbye, like the other children do
to their moms, or what you would do to a departing houseguest. I think part
of it, is to get that hug and kiss, but not be seen by the other children
doing it. She's the youngest in the room, and she is now showing me she
doesn't want to be treated as the youngest.

She is growing up, and showing me her new independence, rather than the
extreme hugs and kisses and clinging that I normally got, before she ran off
to play. Its always the little things she does, or says, that amazes me in
how much they change.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Almost time for the tooth fairy

At Drews first dentist visit, the Dentist pointed out that her bottom front
teeth were starting to get loose, and explained to me the different ways
that the adult teeth grow in. This week, its been very noticeable how wiggly
those loose teeth are, and you can even see an adult tooth breaking through
the gums behind them. (This is a good thing, I am told, by the dentist).

Drew has been a bit whiny, cranky and moody lately, which is explained by
the new daycare, my parents leaving again to go down to the island, and the
teeth. Or she has developed an early case of PMS. I remember when she got
ALL of her baby teeth before she was one year old. She was the baby from
hell, which was demonstrated by how she crawled after and chewed on the cats
tail every chance she got. Everyone says that cat meat tastes like chicken,
which maybe explains why the only meat I can get her to eat now is a chicken
nugget. I should have named our cat Kitten Nugget, instead. What I can't
explain is on why the cat never learned to run faster, or hide better. I
think she liked her tail to be knawed on. As soon as Drew caught her, she
would just give up and lie down in submission.

Now her top front teeth are becoming that clearish colour, which seems to be
more apparent the looser teeth get. I bet those teeth are next to come.