Thursday, June 01, 2006

Almost time for the tooth fairy

At Drews first dentist visit, the Dentist pointed out that her bottom front
teeth were starting to get loose, and explained to me the different ways
that the adult teeth grow in. This week, its been very noticeable how wiggly
those loose teeth are, and you can even see an adult tooth breaking through
the gums behind them. (This is a good thing, I am told, by the dentist).

Drew has been a bit whiny, cranky and moody lately, which is explained by
the new daycare, my parents leaving again to go down to the island, and the
teeth. Or she has developed an early case of PMS. I remember when she got
ALL of her baby teeth before she was one year old. She was the baby from
hell, which was demonstrated by how she crawled after and chewed on the cats
tail every chance she got. Everyone says that cat meat tastes like chicken,
which maybe explains why the only meat I can get her to eat now is a chicken
nugget. I should have named our cat Kitten Nugget, instead. What I can't
explain is on why the cat never learned to run faster, or hide better. I
think she liked her tail to be knawed on. As soon as Drew caught her, she
would just give up and lie down in submission.

Now her top front teeth are becoming that clearish colour, which seems to be
more apparent the looser teeth get. I bet those teeth are next to come.


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