Thursday, June 08, 2006

"If I had an entire weekend to myself I would . . . "

If I had an entire weekend to myself I would . . . .OMG. Does such a thing

I would do everything, then NOTHING at all.


To do everything Saturday:

First, I would get up early early early Saturday, and go for a run.
hopefully, in the rain. I would come back a coffee, and have a hot bath. A
hot bath, for like, an hour, without anyone (including the cat) breaking in
to nag me. Then, I would start (and maybe finish) some of all those half
started projects I have filling up my closets. But it has to be raining for
me to do that, I have a strict rule of only staying inside when the weather

Sewing some tops, kids dresses and pants, repairing some shirts. Then I
would take a long nap mid morning. Then I have two paintings I want to work
on. All the while I would crank some soulful blues music, and drink tea and
wine. When I get going, I think I could get it all done one morning. think
of the empty closet space - heaven!

I think I would eat wraps and salads, because no one in my house will eat
them. with lots of spinach. I would go to bed at 8.

To do nothing Sunday:

I would sleep in, then get up and bake cookies, walk the dog (assuming I
have one by then!!) and then sit and watch movies wearing wonderful smelling
face masks (the spa kind) because there would be no one around to laugh at
me. Get a manicure. Get my haircut.

But I am not going to think about this any more, because then I'll just get
ideas of other projects that I can't finish, and fill the closets up
further, and I already have them overfilled. But realistically, I would
probably love it, until Saturday night, when I would spaz out and wonder
where my baby girl was, what she was doing and was she eating her
vegetables, and, had she lost her tooth yet.
Writing Collaboration: Episode Two


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