Monday, June 19, 2006

Just another way my daughter may be traumatized for life

This weekend we had our housewarming - unfortunately, the Oilers were
playing their last game before THE last game that night. So, it turned into
a hockey party, and we all ended up in the back yard after the game. Its
funny on how even people who hate sports, will tune into the game to see who
wins the Stanley cup, if its your home town. Drew was super excited, and
jumping and cheering each goal, even though I am sure she has no real
comprehension of the game other than it has sticks, and you pass the puck.
(and I am not much better).

On a closely related topic, Drew has been talking allot about god this past
week. (you'll see how this is related in a bit). Lots of questions, about
how big he is, what he wears, who his mommy is (or hers) and can he see you
pee. (I hope not).

At her school I had cause for concern when I dropped her off and she ran to
her teacher asking if they could pray that day.
Drew attends a regular daycare, not a bible study program, so I immediately
was wondering what was going on. I am in no way against my daughter talking
religion with her teachers, and even would encourage her to talk about what
others believe in other cultures (especially since I am the non-church
attending kind). But what seemed odd, is she was asking to 'practise'
religion, other than discuss it, and it would happen in a daycare where
their could be potentially five or twenty different religions. Wouldn't this
offend or alienate someone?

The teachers face turned beat red, and she rushed to explain, that someone
had printed out a copy of the Lords prayer, but rewrote it as a prayer
towards the Oilers winning the Stanley cup, and the children were getting a
giggle out of hearing it for part of their story time. (ex: "Thy cup be won"
and so on). The kids at the school had been following the hockey game,
colouring hockey pictures and making paper jerseys as well.

But, my little four year old daughter who is SO inquisitive of everything,
doesn't quite understand the fine line between praying for the Oilers to
win, and between praying to God. Some numskull with a wicked sense of humour
had caused this by publishing that darn thing so funny that everyone and
their dog has that prayer tacked to their cubicle, garage wall or fridge.
You could explain all you want, but she just doesn't get it yet. So when the
Oilers scored their goals on Saturday, she hopped up and down with the
finesse of a holy roller, and I am sure the reverence as well. Now, I hope
the Oilers don't loose this last game, so I don't have to explain to her why
god let her down.


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