Sunday, June 04, 2006

The toothfairy is darn talented

After a long day at the childrens festival, We rushed to Canadian tire so I could get oil for the car, and yet MORE PLANTS for my garden. (woo hoo).

Of course, we had to have dinner first, but then I was back out there, trying to fill up the still empty spaces that is supposed to be my front garden/personal muttart conservatory. Its taking a little while, not from lack of enthusiasim, but paycheques.

Drew was my little gardeners helper, complete with matching gloves. She comes running into the house (where I was hydrating with a glass of wine to get inspiration), and screams; "My tooth fell out!"

So, it starts. She has another loose one, and the top two are almost as loose. I am sure she will be just like she was as a baby when she got all her teeth by age one, and loose all these teeth by age five. (well, maybe not so quick, I HOPE, because she turns five this august.) She also has her first adult tooth growing in behind the next tooth to go.

So last night, we put the tooth in a little envelope, under her pillow for the mysterious toothfairy to receive. But not before she proceded to tell us that Mikayla, her friend, got PRESENTS AND MONEY in exchange for her tooth. right. Well, I told her that the tooth fairy might also shop at the dollar store. (okay, no, I didn't, but I WANTED TO).
Instead, I told her that the toothfairy might be a different one than the one that comes to our neighbourhood, and who knows what she'll get.

Remember when you used to get a quarter for a tooth????? What did my parents get, a penny? My grandparents must have gotten coal. Wow, talk about changing times.

And how can you top presents? I am learning that out-dooing other parents is a nasty game , that is better not played. I say don't out-do them, out-wit them.

So, when Drew woke up this morning, she came running into our room to show us her five dollar bill, folded into the shape of a fish.

"YEAH, its a fish! the toothfairy left me a fish!" she yells. Now she can buy her own toy, (with her savings as well), and the toothfairy in our neighbourhood is much cooler than that other one, because SHE can do origami.


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