Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Week number three


This is your third week at your new daycare. You have settled into a
routine. I drive you there, you grab your lunch bag and hop out of the car,
and we walk to the door, and go in. You are still learning to skip, and
'hobble-skip' into your room. We 'walk your shoes' (literally, you walk them
like they are alive on the floor and have an invisible body) into the
teachers room and say hi, then hang up your things on your hook. You have
your own hook! Then we put on your indoor shoes, and go put away your lunch.

After that, you make a funny face resembling a fish at me, which is my cue
to give you a kiss. You cling got me like the world is ending, and insist on
walking me to the door. Then as I walk out and look back, I see you run back
to the room like I am forgotten, and you have an exciting day ahead of you,
and I am glad.

When I pick you up, I walk into the room, and the children yell "Drew, your
moms here!" and you look up from your colouring book and run toward me
yelling "Mommy!" then drag me off to your hook to show me all the new
pictures you have made throughout the day.
We go home.

This week, you have lost your second tooth, and walk around with your tongue
poking out through the hole. You tell me you aren't really sticking your
tongue out at me, as your teeth are closed. You are very proud.


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