Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Belated July update

Projects have been overflowing this past month, and our summer is being
eaten up before our eyes. Claude is still on a mad rush to finish his garage
before his storage contract ends in September, but since we have August
holidays he has even less time. We have finally had the 'sod mountain'
removed from our back yard, and cleared the way for the new back driveway.
Now we are waiting for a payday where we can afford to fill it full of clay
then gravel. Also on our summer list, is to move Claudes shed from his moms
house (cheaper than building a new one), and build a covered dog run next to
it. The list goes on.

I am just happy that my garden is in, and the gas and electrical line
trenches (aka the graveyard) to the garage are filled, the ant armies are
murdered, and the puppy will possibly arrive Friday.

My summer projects are much more social. I am mailing off a hand sewn tote
bag in my second ever craft-swap, dealing with the arrival of the new member
of our family on Friday (puppy), visiting with my father this week, visiting
with Claude's cousin's family this weekend, Drews playdates and planning
Drews birthday party.

As for the house, I would be happy if I found a really nice plant and bulb
sale, so I can fill up my front yard for next year - before I get bark mulch
put in. I know with the new puppy arriving, I wont have too much time for
much else, and have only one impending art project - the painting of my
parents bus. Thats scheduled for our August holiday, as long as I can get
the darn airbrush to spray paint, not air.

We had a wonderful weekend visit from our friends Sunday, who we were so
glad to see. Drew and their daughter are fast friends, and there isn't much
cuter than watching a preschooler and toddler holding hands and playing Ring
around the Rosy. Unless its watching their little boy hugging the Mulan

Weather has been hot and Summer-like, which I am embracing and trying not to
follow the Albertan way of 'weather complaint'. I actually think everyone
everywhere does this, no one seems happy with their own weather. We get such
little summer, that I am trying to enjoy all of it, as I know Winter looses
its appeal very quickly, and Fall out here lasts two days.

Drew is adapting to her new daycare very well. Her summer schedule is much
like a summer camp, and already they have been on two field trips, and
created their own drama plays. Hers involved deaf puppies that snored, and
singing 'Oh Canada'.
Drew has her own version of 'Oh Canada' by the way. Its very entertaining:

"Oh Canada, our home and pretty land,
true potato love, we are a safety land
la la la la la la la Canada, yeah!"


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