Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The new addition to the family has big feet, sharp teeth and likes to snore.

Copper FINALLY arrived at 8:20 pm, July 25,2006, via Air Canada Cargo. He is adorable, shy, soft, wrinkly, and doesn't like to play ball yet. He also snores, only goes the washroom on grass unless a child squeezes his stomache and makes him pee on the kitchen floor. Thank you Mom and Dad again for a tiled house!

Right now he is tired out, and sleeping at my feet. We have learned today that alot of dog toys are good, but maybe alot of dog bones are better? He is still feeling new and looking for his siblings all the time, as if to say "Where did all the fun people go?"

The most major accomplishment today: Reading Drews bedtime story with the cat to the left of me, and the dog snoring to the right. Any puppy that can sleep when next to a wild beast like that cat is pretty darn brave. Then again, he is a lion hound.

A lion hound who prefers to snuggle teddies though (and chew their arms).