Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some events:

This July has been hot. Okanogan hot, above thirty five degrees, many days in a row. its great. After an unsuccesful mission to buy a kiddie pool, Our wonderful neighbours gave us their old one. Here are Claude and Drew trying to keep cool- and Drew trying to get her dad to play mermaids.
My lilies, before the wind storm blew them away.

I was home sick for a day, after being run down with lack of sleep, and getting a migraine (which I never get) and a sore throat. That morning Drew met me in the kitchen all prepared to check my pulse, and heart-rate and send me back to bed.

One of the fieldtrips through her new daycare brought Drew to the Churchhill square water fountains and Street Performers festival. Her favorate was the ice-cream they got to eat.


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