Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The children

Drew is growing remarkably, that she can now write:
"NO DOGS" on a sheet of paper and tape it to her door.

Copper is growing so well he can reach up and grab it, and chew it to

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My little junkie

Last night while discussing whether or not I would buy her a treat from the
grocery store, Drew tells me this story:

"One time,
when I was with Gannie and Papa,
they took me to this store,
and it had the BIGGEST lollipops.

They were so huge, and they bought one for me.
And that's where I got the hyper.
I get hyper all the time now since then."

Sounds like Grannie and Papa are her dealers.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Feathers fly . . .

The slow completion of the summertime project: MONSTER GARAGE (well, really just a mid sized two car thing). But it was a monster project.

INJURIES: one split thumb, aching back muscles, cuts, scrapes, lots of damaged ear drums.

LOST: Temper, sleep

Dog poem:

I will nibble your shoes while you wear them.
Show me your toes.
They're mine.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the cat came back, later that day

. . . . and the cat came back about 11:00 p.m., we thought she was a goner.

She was dry, and is just woken up from the best nap ever - no small feet
considering it had stormed, thundered and poured rain since 9:00 a.m. that
morning when she went missing.

On another note, we discovered that Copper HATES rain, and would rather pee
indoors than get wet outside. There is nothing that appears more like
torture and comedy to your neighbours than standing in the grass in the
pouring rain holding onto a shivering, whining, howling dog trying to
explain to it that it has to pee outside or you will put it in a diaper.

So brilliantly I put the dog into a kennel until he had to pee so bad (dogs
dont pee in their own kennel) that he braved the rain. Only, stubbornly, the
dog ran to pee UNDER THE PATIO CHAIR, which was on the muddy gravel, because
that is SO much better than peeing in the nice clean grass.

Cat is missing

Today Cujamoe went missing. She is quite the houdini, and often takes
off outside when you don't expect it, a regular escape artist, to re-
appear later at the back door or, instead, awakened from a five hour
sleep in the dresser drawer.

Today, somehow she slipped out, because she is gone. Its rained all
day, and I only hope she is hiding under a bush somewhere waiting for
it to let up so she can come home in time for dinner. This is the
first time she has ever gotten further than the front bushes, and I
am very paranoid and worried.

Drew wants a hampster.