Friday, September 29, 2006

All the foxes and Foxes

Thursday was the Terry Fox run at Drews school. Kindergarteners didn't have
to run, but to participate they walked around the school. Next year will be
the fundraising. This is one of the charities I actually donate to, for no
other reason that my father worked with Fred Fox, Terry's brother, and Terry
lived in PoCo when I did (while I was in kindergarten), and my mother used
to run into him when jogging. I vaguely have a memory of him running in my
mind waving hi to my mother, but I don't know if its an actual memory or if
its some distorted memory from a school film about him when I grew up.

Either way, drew was full of questions about him and why they do the run at
the school, what cancer was, and so on. She seemed in absolute awe. And as
always, these question come on the three minute drive home from school,
where I pick her up on my way home from work.

As we pull up to the driveway, she asks me, "What colour of fox was he?" and
I realize that all her amazement had been built around the assumption that
Terry was a real fox. An animal fox with cancer and a false leg, that Gannie
had jogged at the same time as (and why not, I tell her about the rabbits I
see when running), and not just someone with Fox as a last name. And that
her Papa worked with the brother fox, (too cool). It makes it a much more
amazing story.