Friday, September 08, 2006


We had a wonderful TWO week vacation to the island.
Its amazing on how much two weeks can do for you.

Drew spent most of it galavanting around with my cousin Caitlin (nine and a
half now) and they were like two peas in a pod. Most of the time they slept
on cots on the balcony under the stars, the weather was so beautiful and
warm, sans mosquitos.

Dad had earlier chopped down his forrest, and ironically the Miller decided
to show up the second day into our trip, so we ended up having ANOTHER
working vacation for a bit. It was three days straight of milling the wood
into boards, and Dad ended up with his own incredible pine and maple lumber
yard. We all survived the noise, and Claude and Dad escaped on a three day
Salmon fishing boat trip, while Mom, Caitlin, Drew and I discovered the
Comox valley. We visited the Comox Fair, the Dinosaur exhibits at the
museum, explored the beaches and I painted eagles on Dads bus.

I finally got out kyaking with a wonderful teacher, Yoland, and again with
Mom later. So peaceful.

As for Drew, her new adult bottom front teeth are growing in well, but I am
a bit worried because they haven't yet knocked out the side teeth, and look
fairly crowded. I can see some more teeth ready to come out soon.

Claude has been finishing up his garage since we returned, its getting its
final white wash coat, and looking like it resembles a garage, not a wooden