Monday, September 25, 2006

Injured dog gets infected

Saturday night while walking Copper on the farthest walk we had been yet, we ran into a man and wife with their basset hound and husky/rhodesian cross. He said their husky (aka death beast) was a rescue dog, he had had it only two days. As we were leaving and going on our way, his dog went to sniff Copper, and for some STUPID reason he let it off his leash, and it attacked my dog. Copper got pinned, his neck/belly bitten, and here I was trying to pull my baby away and smash that other dogs head in and away with my foot.

The owner managed to get it off and appologise, but him and his wife had to pin their dog it was so balistic, so I just did all I could do to calm my dog and drag it away and stop it from screaming. Copper had no cuts or blood I could see, and it took me forever to calm him and get him home. what was the worst, was looking back and seeing the dog go after his own owner. I feel bad for that couple for having two dogs to deal with . . . for about less than half a second.

I dont care I didnt get his name, his address, whatever. I am just glad I got us both away. But sunday night I noticed a big lump the size of a golf ball forming under his jugular, and we spent alot of it at the emergency vet. Drew was sick. Claude was exhausted. The dog was terrified of all the other animals there. I'm sick and exhausted. and $200 we got antibiotics, and tonight our vet (another $80 )gave him another shot, so hopefully the swelling will go down soon. if not, for $350 we can have the absess drained. dogs aren't cheap, but I wouldnt think twice about spending that on a mut or a purebred.

until then, he is a our precious turkey gobbler.the swelling makes him look like he has a turkey waddle.