Thursday, September 21, 2006


We had our first Meet the Teacher night. We celebrating by walking to Dairy
Queen before going. Claude even walked the whole way, instead of driving.
(He hates walking now, he says). The real thing that surprized me, was when
we got there and we were handed nametags, and, I gave Claude his nametag
(while laughing), he actually wore it.

It said:

Drew McDonald's dad
Kindergarten class
Mrs. Hanke's room

I have never been a nametag person, and handed it to him as a joke, so we
could be part of the insane over-protective parents (running around snooping
at their childrens classroom looking for faults and safety problems they
must immediately nag the poor teacher about). I have to admit, we were
making fun of these parents until we got there.

But instead, to my surprize, he wore the name tag where everyone could see
it, with PRIDE. He was actually happy to put it on. Not that I expected him
to not be proud, but even I, who is one of the first to brag about my
daughter and promote 'familiness' in our lives, won't wear a nametag if I
can get away with it. and of course if he wears one, i had to wear one too.

I guess after being through four and a half years of daycare parents I felt
like an 'old hat' at this. Daycare parents are the newest parents of all,
and even more overprotective because its their new babies they are leaving
in someones care. They are leaving their children in soemones care not
because they want to, but because they HAVE to. Being forced makes you even
more protective, because you have a million guilty feelings associated with
it. So as a result, you have whole families show up to a toddlers halloween
party when they can barely walk, and arent even aware there is something out
of the ordinary about dressing as a pumpkin for the day.

So when my daughter enters kindergarten, its still a new experience, but I
feel above the parents who have raised their child from home, because in a
way we have already been through this. She is used to being at a 'school'
all day, learning her ABC's and sharing and counting. Where these other
parents are doing their first 'overbearing parent freak out' us daycare
parents are more relaxed about it.

I guess thats why I giggle a bit at Claude, because he still falls into the
new school parent category.

So we were at Parent Teacher night only for the twenty whole minutes. Enough
time for Drew to drag us to her teacher to say hi, ask questions, and show
us around and meet more friends. We watched her run off to her friends
before they dragged their parents off to the teacher themselves. Sort of
like an initiation of the 12 more years to come.