Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pink things: Sparks and Pigs

Our dog is recovering from his evil dog bite infection, and has now returned
to his normal self. Which means he is just as snuggly as ever, only now he
tries to bite your nose and does the puppy hop again. This weekend Copper
met his new best friend, Mr.Pig. Drew had this walking talking oinking pink
stuffed pig, and Copper snuck into Drews room and stole it. He presented it
at our feet as though he had been Indiana Jones himself in the dangers of
"The playroom". After much proud prancing, he got down to the dirty and
tooka big bite on the pig, after all, a big dog chewed on him that way and
it was now his responsibility to take it out on something else. But, the pig
turned on, walked toward him and OINKED. This was no easy kill.

With much hopping, barking (a rhodesian has a very serious bark), and more
hopping, the pig has been elevated to mans best friends friend.
Every day this week when he is bored and there is no cooking or walking
going on, Copper hops onto our bed and pulls out his toy pig and plays. At
least from all the oinking and barking we know where he is. And so far he is
too nervous yet to really 'kill' it, so there is no mess.

Drew is doing well, and had her first show and tell day at Kindergarten. She
brought in her Ariel statue of course. She tells me that the kids asked all
the right questions. I have also signed her up for Sparks, a sort of mini
Brownies/Girlguides club. They wear pink, pink and more pink. I told the
Sparks leader that on principal, I cant be a leader because the pink
sweatshirts would melt my skin. So instead I will be the parent helper. I
have never been good at committing to team events, especially ones where you
hold hands and sing songs about pink friends to the tune of "Brother Jack."
But I think the interaction should be good for Drew, especially since its so
hard to match up parents schedules for playtimes for our kids, and Drew
misses having friends nearby. It backfired when we realized we were the only
people in our own neighbourhood attending though, they all travel from
somewhere else.