Monday, November 27, 2006

list of things the dog ate/destroyed so far:

list of things the dog ate/destroyed so far:

-spilled coffee on other phone, the last cordless died as of result of dog
eating cookies and knocking over coffee
-one slipper
-strawberry shortcake
-meowing stuffed (fake) cat
-hair clip
-tropical plant
-one plate (literally)
-cat scratch post
-claudes wrist bandages
-model car
-laundry basket
-barbie head
-six barbie shoes (found in back yard......they were returned to us...if you
get what I mean)
-cabage patch doll
-winter boot
-rain boot-
-acrylic paint (white)
-oil paint (blue)
-paint brushes
-light bulb
-cardboard box
-fake plastic apple
-jump rope
-worm house

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yum, paint.

Got popcorn? Crackers? shoes? any shoe? what about just a nice dolly to snack on??? Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?Please?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween went really well. We froze. The wind didnt just bite, it knawed.

Claude had to come pick us up after almost two hours. But afterward, Drew
was just excited to stand by the door in her pj's and hand out Candy.

I am not sure why a ten year old boy was dressed as a Kissing Booth though.
There were actually two of that costume, but not kids who went out together.
I can see a frat boy wearing that costume, or a drunken college girl at a
halloween bash at a club. Not a little boy walking around with a sign above
his head saying "Kisses $25".